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What is Physical Medicine in Humble TX?  Physical Medicine is a broad description of care that can include rehabilitation. Rehabilitation therapy focuses on stretching and exercising to re-establish how well a body part moves or how well you can use it. For example, if a person has a stroke, there is often a severe injury to how well they are able to use an arm or leg. A person with that type of extreme injury literally has to re-learn how to use the affected area with very intensive and specialized care. While care for that type of severe injury is not what we provide, people often have limitations to how well their body is working which is a progressive collection of small injuries and stresses. Oftentimes, these stresses are small and collected a little each day, until “all of a sudden” we wake up one morning with a surprising amount of pain and limitation of movement that causes us to be unable to do our daily work or chores normally.

This daily chipping away at how well our body moves can have a profound effect on how healthy our body is overall. Our weight, metabolism, how flexible we are, how well we heal from injuries and sickness – all of it can be affected by our physical health. This means that keeping the full movement, good flexibility and nice muscle tone that your body would prefer is a smart and proactive way to keep and maintain good health overall.

Types of Rehabilitation in Humble TX

Neck and Back Rehabilitation. Many of us create problems and pain in our necks and backs because of the daily activities we need to do every day. We find that a combination of spinal adjusting for nerve and joint health and rehab to stretch and strengthen muscles provides a deeper and longer-lasting healing, resolving your problem more completely.

  • Shoulder Rehabilitation. Repetitive use of our upper bodies often results in shoulder pain and inability to use the shoulder properly. Because we examine the health of the entire neck and shoulder complex, rehab and recovery are more lasting and complete.
  • Knee Rehabilitation. Our state-of-the-art knee braces are helping our patients achieve incredible results. The brace helps to decompress the knee. That support is essential for certain types of knee problems and as a part of knee injection treatment plans.
  • Stretch Out Stress. Use simple stretch bands and exercises to help combat the activities that get us in trouble every day.

What is Physical Medicine?

The goal of Physical Medicine is to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to people with injuries. When we are hurt, it often becomes difficult to perform some of the activities that are required of us during our everyday lives. Whether that difficulty is putting on our shoes, or being unable to complete a day of work, the goal of physical medicine is to not just remove pain but to re-train your body’s ability to function fully and correctly. That goal of functional improvement is achieved through the combined use of medications, Chiropractic adjustments, physical modalities, physical training with therapeutic exercise, movement & making modifications in daily activities that continue to promote those improvements.

Who might need Physical Medicine?

People with injuries that are interrupting their daily activities. During the first visit to our office, the examination reveals the information needed to determine which of the above types of treatments are likely to be most effective in getting the patient back to their life. During the second visit, we go over the information gathered and describe a detailed plan of care designed to restore the best function possible.

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