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Healing Naturally and Thoroughly

Chiropractic care focuses on the health of the spine and the nerves because the spine is designed to protect the nerves. Changes in the spine can cause your nerves to get sick, and that’s what we want to avoid. We look to find these disturbances and gently move the bones to allow movement in the spine and improve your nervous system function.

Chiropractic care in Humble TX helps improve your movement through functioning muscles and joints. For many people, chiropractic care helps them perform better through a healthy spine.

An Approach Tailored to You in Humble TX

We do a lot of adjusting with our hands (Diversified) and sometimes we use instruments (Activator Methods® and Arthrostim) to provide gentle movement in the spine that is great for the very young, elderly, or those who are nervous about manual adjustments. These instruments help restore normal spinal movement without the “popping” and “cracking” sounds.

If you have a specific request or concern, please talk to us about it! We’re open to hearing your preferences and answering any questions that you may have.

Types of Care Offered

  • Pediatric Care. Help your child feel better so they can recover from tummy problems, ear infections, and more common issues your little one may be dealing with.
  • Family Care. Get well and stay well, together. We encourage your entire family to get their spine checked to ensure their nervous system is healthy and make sure there aren’t any complications. Our comprehensive spine & joint care helps keep the whole family healthier.
  • Headache Relief. From the chiropractic perspective, spinal evaluation may reveal problems that trigger headaches. Spinal stress that causes headaches often originates from injuries and/or years of bad postural habits.

What to Expect

We’ll talk you through your first adjustment, telling you what we’re doing and gently working through the adjustment. We’ll let you know what to expect every step of the way. We also are happy to show you the instruments so that you can feel the gentle pulse to relieve any nervousness you may feel.

Pediatric Care

From the strain from birth, many times there are stresses on the spine that may not be as obvious as you’d think. We understand that it’s hard for young children to communicate when they are hurt or not feeling well. That’s where we come in.

Commonly, tummy problems, torticollis, regurgitation, difficulties nursing, ear infections and colic may stem from stress in the upper half of the cervical spine – the upper neck. Scientific research demonstrates that 80% of babies do come away from the birth process with injuries to this vital area of the spine. While your child may grow out of those symptoms, they may grow into another issue as a result of that nerve stress that did not properly resolve and heal.

Are you a good candidate for chiropractic care? Find out! Contact us today!


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