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  • Eliminate Your Excuses for Skipping the Gym. Regular exercise is an important part of maintaining your health in Humble TX. Going to the gym once a month won’t do it, no matter how hard you work out that day. When you’re busy, tired, or bored, skipping your workout can sound attractive. Here’s how to fight the temptation to avoid exercise when you’re not in the mood:
  • Redefine “exercise”. You don’t have to spend hours at the health club to stay in shape. Keep track of your daily activity and try to incorporate healthy behaviors like walking for at least 20 minutes, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or getting off the bus or train a block early. Exercise will become part of your day, not an added chore.
  • Clear your mind. Make a regular date with yourself for exercise and train yourself not to think about all the other tasks you could be doing. Focus on the here and now and don’t get distracted by the future or the past.
  • Find an exercise you enjoy. Most gyms offer a variety of exercise equipment, so choose an activity that makes you feel good while you’re doing it, not something you detest no matter how beneficial it may be. Riding a bike through your neighborhood is just as helpful as sitting on a stationary bicycle in the gym.
  • Set your own goals. Even if you work out with a buddy or trainer, decide for yourself what you want to achieve. Set realistic targets that challenge you, not impossible goals that make you reluctant to try.

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It is ready for download! Feel free to either pick your copy up at the office or download it now! Thanks to all our patients who participated in contributing!


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