Patient Testimonials

Chiropractic Humble TX Lionel TestimonialWeight Loss

"I wanted to share my before and after photo with you and David. I'm currently down about 70 pounds from my heaviest weight 319 pounds. I've kept it off within just 2-3 pounds now for over a year! I've kept it off within just 2-3 pounds now for over a year!"

- Lionel

Chiropractic Humble TX Shirley TestimonialEar Infections

“My oldest who has suffered from ear infection after ear infection and is put on a maintenance dose of antibiotic almost every winter, has had nothing at all wrong with her this winter.”

- Shirely, Randa, and Taylor

Chiropractic Humble TX Mindy TestimonialHeadaches

“What brought you to our office? Have headaches often; have MS (multiple sclerosis), helping with overall physical health – walk better. How has your condition improved since you began getting adjustments? Less headaches – feel good. With my MS I have physical problems. My walking is better – very important!"

- Mindy

Chiropractic Humble TX Lisa TestimonialReal People

“The office has a very relaxed atmosphere and the personnel is very friendly. I always come away from my visits feeling relaxed and the adjustments are wonderful. I can almost hear my muscles and joint giving a sigh of relief!

Dr. Bush is very concerned about helping others and easing their pains. The adjustments help in a way only those using chiropractic care can appreciate. I feel better all around since I’ve started my visits.”

- Lisa

Chiropractic Humble TX Germaine TestimonialMuscle Pain

“Thank you so much for wonderful health care and support so that I completed my second marathon and on for more!”

- Germaine

Chiropractic Humble TX Larry TestimonialNeck Pain

“When I first visited you, at the recommendation of my wife, I was in considerable pain and had been suffering for almost two weeks. The pinched nerve in my neck had debilitated me in several ways. There was constant pain in my right shoulder and arm, I was unable to perform routine tasks (like shaving, writing, and typing) and I had not slept well in three nights. I found you diagnosis was done very directly after the x-rays were taken and completion of my first exam. You explained the physiology of the problem I was experiencing and how the treatment you could provide would rehabilitate me, Even though I had no previous experience with chiropractic care, I felt optimistic you could help me. Now that I have reached the maintenance mode in my treatment, I can truly say the treatments you provided have been entirely successful. I no longer have any pain or limitation associated with the pinched nerve. I now engage in all the work, home and recreational activities I choose without any thought of not being able to do so. Best of all for me was that my relief came so soon after the treatments began.” I am very happy I selected you for my chiropractic care and readily endorse your treatment program for all that consider it.”

- Larry


“This treatment that I have received has done much for me. It has made me feel better without drugs. My 9 year old son had been wetting the bed since birth and has since stopped. It has helped both of our asthmatic conditions to improve 100%. My son was born with asthma and use to have 2 or 3 flare ups a month. He has since had 1 flare up in the 2 years he has been receiving chiropractic. I would have 3 or 4 flare ups a year. I have had none.” I love what chiropractic had done for me and my family. Dr. Bush is a very knowledgeable and caring doctor, that really shows he cares.”

- Michelle


“I began coming to this office due to an automobile accident. I have since then been in another automobile accident and am still treating here. The child I was pregnant with during the first accident, and my 7 year old son was in the truck with me and was hurt in his neck and lower back. Since the birth of my baby, he has been a patient also. After the first accident I was pregnant, and the treatments really helped the pain and inflammation without medication. Being pregnant, I could not take muscle relaxers or pain meds. I feel healthier, and I am not in as much pain. I was a recent migraine sufferer, and this as since subsided. Also my youngest child was born high risk for SIDS. His own pediatrician told me that chiropractic had helped to improve my child’s condition. He was taken off the heart monitors and is a healthy happy 1 year old. A birthday he may not have seen without Dr. Bush’s help and knowledge in chiropractic.”

- Anonymous

Springer Finds Cure

"Mike Springer couldn’t pick up a club Monday morning. So how do you explain him closing with an 8-under 64 and finishing tied for seventh? Springer, who has been suffering with wrist problems for the past few months, had them solved by Houston chiropractor David Bush Wednesday. “I spent $7,000 the last month on some of the best doctors trying to cure this,” Springer said. “And I spend $45 here and found the cure.”

- The Houston Post, Friday, April 30, 1993

Curiel Catches a Break

"Scott Curiel, who was 4-under after nine holes when play was called, can be thankful for small favors. Like rain delays and Dr. David Bush. Deerwood’s head pro nearly had to pull out of the tournament when his back went out Wednesday night. But he called Bush, who has been working with PGA players this week. Bush diagnosed the problem as a compressed vertebrae. Bush kept his office open two extra hours to work on Curiel’s back, then, when it flared up again Thursday, Bush came to the rescue with an hour of therapy before Curiel teed off. Curiel promptly flew the green on the 10th – his first hole – then chipped in from 32 yards away for birdie."

- The Houston Post, Friday, April 30, 1993


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