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Chiropractor/Doctor of Athletic Training

Dr. Doctor Dawn Harrell D.C., D.A.T.

I wanted to make a change to my life and lifestyle…that’s when I found chiropractic. I did not have experience with chiropractic until later in life. I started my career in healthcare as a sophomore in high school as a student aide to an athletic trainer in Lewiston, Idaho. At 15-years-old I knew three things; I loved sports, I liked medicine, and I wanted to find a way to make a career out of both.

I found athletic training provided the benefits of being on the sidelines as well as helping injured athletes get back to their activities faster. I devoted 20 years to athletic training, working with patients at all levels of sport from middle school to professional. I reached the pinnacle of what I could accomplish with athletic training after earning a Doctor of Athletic Training degree, but I was left wanting more. I still loved working with athletes, but the allure of the sidelines dulled. I wanted to enjoy a greater work-life balance while applying my skills at the highest level of healthcare. After careful consideration I enrolled in Texas Chiropractic College in 2019 without looking back.

The greatest thing I learned through my experience of athletic training and my education is that all humans are athletes. Whether playing an organized sport, exercising at a gym, performing daily work duties, or wrangling kids; if you have a body, you are an athlete. All athletes need to be prepared for the next challenge regardless of what that challenge looks like. Chiropractic provides the best opportunity for the body to be prepared for those challenges, because chiropractic addresses issues related to the spine, muscles, and skeleton. When the spine presents with problems, how the muscles and skeleton work together can be thrown off causing pain and injury.

Chiropractic allows me to utilize the skills I worked hard to develop over 20 years of athletic training experience and bring it to more people of all ages who want to lead a healthier and more movement friendly life. Working at the Bear Paw Chiropractic gives me the chance to increase my knowledge while spending my time with my family in activities throughout the community. It took me longer than some to find the missing piece of the puzzle, but I am so glad I did.

Chiropractor Humble TX Dawn Harrell


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